Stop Surviving,

Start Thriving!

Our Passion is to enable women to Thrive in their lives.

Our Philosophy

Our Passion and Philosophy is to help women find success, peace, and joy in their daily lives, for their holistic wellness, and for their journey. We are here to work with you as you find the answers that fit.

The Thriving Woman Insiders

The Thriving Woman Insiders have access to our private Facebook group where they share ideas and ask questions, receive monthly resources, enjoy group coaching, and have premiere access to new programs and events.

What People Say

Heather was amazing in keeping me on track and teaching me the best way to hit my health goals for my body and lifestyle! ~Becky

Heather is a good listener, compassionate, and caring. I achieved my goals with my boundaries and self care. I have better relationships and less drama. I would recommend Heather to everyone! ~Ella

Heather is kind, understanding, and relatable. I always feel comfortable and at ease with her. I received a lot of information, recipes, and achieved my goals. ~ Liz 

Heather is freaking awesome! She is phenomenal at her job and very good at helping her clients come up with their own answers and what works best for them. She held me accountable and challenged me to find my answers by asking me good questions. I have over doubled my weight loss! I have made time for myself by making exercise and relaxing time a priority. I have been more committed to cooking healthy meals several days a week. ~Cindy

30 Minute Consult

Speak with our Certified Integrated Nutrition Health Coach with a complimentary consultation.

Handling Stress and Mess Project

A six week project with several lessons each week to help women organize and destress their lives.

Healthy Cooking Project (Coming Soon)

A six week project with practical shopping, prepping, and cooking ideas. Feel like a success in the kitchen.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching

You can choose between Individual and Group options for 3 or 6 months based on availability


As busy women, we’ve all been in survival mode, getting through the day, accomplishing everything we can, searching for just a little more energy…or caffeinating ourselves to accomplish our long list. We have been there and struggled as well. “Necessity is the mother of invention.” PLATO We have walked the path of learning and we are excited to walk with you through your journey.